“Multimelt Steels Private Limited” is a highly reputed foundry in India with over three and a half decades of experience in fulfilling industrial expectations. The company is known for the quality of its iron and steel castings. Its stature among Indian industries is unparalleled and sets the benchmark for other industries. The firm has established presence in a large variety of industries such as power plants, mining industry, chemical industry and the cement industry. Multimelt Steel has an extensive catalogue of products. Their expertise in the sphere of forging can be verified by our corrosion resistant and durable products. The products comes in a wide range of steel alloys and guaranteed of high performance. Industries procuring their forging machinery from Multimelt Steel are believed to have a significant advantage in terms of savings because of their long lasting and minimum maintenance requirements. Multimelt Steel has a professional staff who performs their role with dedication. Quality sensitisation has helped them understand the importance of maintaining quality. Each batch of product is tested to ensure that the strictest quality standards are met. Multimelt Steel has some of the best technology at their disposal. Their manufacturing facility includes the latest machinery and R&D centers to devise better products for clients. The excellent track record of the company has been appreciated by several clients and made them among the most preferred names in the business. Multimelt Steels is an ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certified company and their manufacturing practices matches global standards.