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Dolphin radiators & cooling systems Ltd.

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Dolphin radiators & cooling systems Ltd.

We take the opportunity to introduce our activities in the
field of Heat Transfer. However in the recent times we have reshuffled our system and upgrade it, we now have highly qualified and customer care trained key personnels to handle the clients to the utmost satisfaction regarding service, quality & price. However to serve you better than always we have added a few more services and also trading of ferrous, nonferrous and finned tubes in heat transfer application.

Hence, we would like to introduce ourselves with various facilities as mentioned herein and request you to enhance vendor service list respectively.

a) Radiators Complete:
We manufacture new radiators as per O.E. Spec. (PTR's) Japanese, American & German Cars available from our manufacturing unit in Ajman. Both for Automatic and manual Transmission. Radiator for equipment & generation plants.

b) Radiators Core:
We manufacture & supply, all types of radiator cores H.D. & L.D. Cu/Br construction for cars, trucks, equipments & plants. Sourcing our raw materials from Japan, U.S. & Europe, We also manufacture O.E. Type steel cores for Caterpillar equipments. Also we carry stocks of transmission coolers being used in bottom headers for car and trucks.

c) Oil Coolers:
Retubing of Oil Coolers used in various earthmoving equipment and repairs as required.

d) Aluminium Air / Oil Coolers:
The only company to manufacture All Aluminium Air Coolers for Hydraulic Oil Cooler and Air Compressor in U.A.E.

e) Shell & Tube heat Exchangers:
We carry out Thermal & Mechanical Design, detailed fabrication of shell & Tube Heat Exchangers as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 & TEMA. We have mechanical & thermal design software, which can carry out complex design for various operating conditions and come up with most optimum solutions. All fabrication facilities include CNC Drilling (for Tube Sheet Drilling), Orbital Welding Machine (for Tube to Tube sheet welding), Microprocessor based telescopic Expansion Machine (for Tube to Tube Sheet Expansion) CNC Plasma Cutting and Column & Boom SAW Machine in addition to the regular machines like Plate Bending, TIG / ARC Welding, Grinding, etc.

f) Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (Fin Fan Coolers):
On the Air Cooled Exchangers (Fin Fan Coolers), We carry out Thermal & Mechanical design. These coolers can be supplied with various types of Finned Tubes like 'L', 'G', 'KL', Low finned (Integron), Crimped, Bimetallic Extruded etc. Depending on service & operating parameters. The coolers are supplies with Forced Drought / Induced Drought Fans Procured from leading worldwide manufactures.

All Heat Exchangers can manufactured in various materials lice Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Duplex, Brass & Cupronickel.

g) Pressure Vessels / Tanks:
Dolphin has the capability to design & manufacture Pressure Vessels & Tanks as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 /API 650 in various materials listed above.

h) Plate heat Exchangers:
We are Licenced of M/s Paul Mueller Company - U.S.A for the design and Manufacture of plate Heat Exchangers, which find a wide application in all the industries mentioned above due to their compact and modular design. The plates are imported from U.S.A.
Typical materials include SS-316, Titanium and Hastelloy. Either materials can be provided depending on the application.

i) Cooling Towers:
We are in collaboration with M/s Liang Chi-Thailand for supply of Open & Closed Circuit Industrial Cooling Towers. M/s Liang Chi is certified by CTI and is the largest Cooling Tower company in Asia, with Worldwide presence.

j) Ferrous, Non-Ferrous & Finned Tubes:
Finned tubes are manufactures on the latest state of the art McElroy MarkIV Finning Machine of U.S.A. Various types of Finns Like 'L', 'G', 'KL', can be manufactured with Aluminium & Copper material. Base Tube Six ranges from 5/8" OD to 1¼ OD & Tube material can be as per application.
Also Supply of S.S. Seamless/ Welded Cold Drawn Tubes, C.S. Seamless Tubes, All. Brass Tubes and Cu.Ni. Tubes.

k) Merine Coolers:
Design & Manufacture all type of Oil/Air Coolers used marine field also service and repair the same as required.
We are set to cater to Plate type cooler / heaters used in Vessels for until purpose application.

l) Brake Linings:
FULL STOP the only manufacturing unit for Brake Lining in the Gulf, we offer all types of Heavy Duty Vehicle Brake Lining of high quality in Asbestos & Asbestos free material. We also carry huge stocks of Brass Woven Marine Type Brake Lining in Ferodo, Trimat in Asbestos & Asbestos Free Material.

m) Clutch & Pressure Disc:
Relining Clutch disk with quality friction material as per the original space. Also reconditioning of Pressure Disc can be undertaken in our Facilities.

n) Hydro Jetting & Lancing:
We have facility to Hydro Jet and Lancing with Ultra High Pressure Woma Pump upto 40,000 PSI.

o) Ultrasonic Cleaning System:
Dolphin uses the latest technology with ecologically safe & biodegradable cleaning agents. It is extremely fast efficient & Safe method to clean components, which are otherwise inaccessible without mechanical damage.

p) Air Conditioning Division:
a) Service & maintenance contracts for total Air-condition system both for commercial and marine.
b) Design and install HVAC System for WareHouses, Villas and Multi Storey Buildings as Turnkey Projects.
c) We also manufacture & provide Condenser and Evaporator Coils for any make of any size.
d) We also manufacture Shell & Tube Evaporator and Condenser for Air Conditioning & Marine Application.
e) We are also leading manufacturer in the Middle East for custom build Chillers & Cooling systems. Our Chiller capacity ranges from 1.5 ton with Microprocessor control.

q) Turbulators:

We manufacture copper wire wound turbulators in different sizes and lengths used in cooler manufacture application.
We have started in new venture "Dolphin Heat Transfer" in the field of Design and manufacture of shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Plate Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers & Finned Tubes. These equipments can be offered with ASME 'U' & 'S' Stamps for Design & manufacture and with National Board 'R' Stamps for Repair & Alteration and ISO 9001:2000.

"DOLPHIN HEAT TRANSFER" caters to the above requirement of various clients in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Hotel, and Food processing & Refining Industries. Dolphin has a State-of-the-art facility covering 3,00m2 of area with all modern fabrication infra structures in Ajman Industrial Area.
Introduction for Engineering & Fabrication Division

We take this opportunity of Introducing our company as a leading Engineering & steel fabrication contractor since 1985. We have been serving the local & GCC market with the following in-house facilities at ours:

1) Design, Fabrication, Testing & commissioning of Large size tanks & atmospheric/ storage tanks (of any capacity to meet API, BS, DIN, ASME, ADNOC, EMARAT & EPPCO Standards.
2) Design Fabrication, testing & Commissioning of Pressure Vessels to Custom code specifications.
3) Mud Tanks, Cement Silos, Road Tankers, Water treatment tanks.
4) Design, Fabrication, Laying Out /Erection, testing & Commissioning of Pressure, Product & Process Piping.
5) Design, Fabrication, Laying Out /Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Turnkey Fuel Handling Systems.
6) Design, Fabrication, Laying Out /Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Turnkey Gas Systems.
7) All kinds of structural steel fabrication works including skids, reverse osmosis skids , manifolds, manufacturing of containers, flat bed & low bed trailers.
8) Stainless Steel, Brass & Aluminium metal fabrication works.
9) All kind of welding works.
10) Blasting & Painting works.
11) All kinds of Specialized welding works.

We have a specialized team of high qualified/ trained employees for execution of all above works. We hope our above facilities will enable your company to start future business with ourselves.

Alongwith heat transfer products & services, we also run a hardware & building material business in the name of "Vogue Building Material" under which we import and stock all kinds of :

• Hardware & Tools
• Building material for construction industry
• all type of Safety Gear
• Oilfield related products. In case of your requirement, kindly provide us an opportunity to be of service to you. We assure you of our best services coupled with competitive prices at all times.(AF)

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