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Lucifer Lights A Sure Way To Save Energy

Lucifer Lights A Sure Way To Save Energy

You may wonder how a company-selling lights can become a leader in your environmental and development pursuits. Of course it can, through the use of eco-friendly technologies and through minimum use of power. In these times of recession, when long-term investment and visionary planning are the only ways to secure your future, perhaps you should start off with someone like Lucifer Lights.

Lucifer Lights Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in LED lights in India. The company started operations in March 2008 and has steadily increased its product offerings based on market feedback and an incisive insight into the Indian market. The company's streetlights, priced at Rs 20,000, are a long-term investment for most city administrations considering their revenue saving (and earning) potential and extensive operating life.

Rajesh Purohit, CEO Lucifer Lights says, Any high wattage conventional lighting product can be replaced using products from Lucifer. Our products have revenue earning characteristics due to reduced carbon emitting feature. The term Lucifer which means Jugnu (firefly, insect which emits lights without consuming any energy) was chosen as the name of the company on the basis of its products and their benefits.

The company offers a wide range of industrial products, signifying its commitment towards energy saving, cost cutting and better lighting. The recent concerted marketing efforts by the company have been well received by Indian market and have resulted in the growth of the company and the sector even during these times of recession. Says the company's marketing director Vinay Vedi: Major industries have accepted our products due to the high energy saving capability, their pollution free nature and the handsome pay back period. Lucifer has been in expansion mode right from the day it started operations, thanks to a consistently growing demand. Unorganized manufacturers, taking advantage of a lack of awareness, sold cheap LED-based products from China, which made the Lucifer/Es task difficult at first, but consistent educational activities and the superior quality of Lucifer's products have eventually produced results.

Now that there is greater awareness, the adoption of LED-based lights is increasing.

Development of in-house technology has allowed Lucifer to deliver highly energy-efficient products. Like every pioneer, Lucifer Lights have been on a path of innovation, and many of its design patents are pending.

The company is constantly evolving as are its products. Lucifer has found ways to do what the others can't with the use of advanced testing equipment for quality control and the service of experienced technology specialists. Lucifer's products are regarded highly for their energy saving capabilities, conventional design and stable performance.

When compared to conventional lights, prices of LED-based products seem higher, but the benefits far out weight the cost aspect, making it a long-term investment with guaranteed returns. Take for example the case of the city of Pune.

Pune has nearly 1,50,000 street lights, most of which are 250 Watt Sodium Vapor Lamps. At Rs 2.90/KW, the corporation is paying about Rs 11 lakh per day for the power consumed by these lamps while the carbon emitted is nearly 161 tones. If it uses LED-lights, which consumes 45 Watts, the corporation would have to pay only Rs 2 lakh per day for the same quality of lighting and can save Rs 60-70 per point per month on maintenance cost.

The benefits include reduced carbon emission of approximately 130 tones per day. The value of these carbon units amounts to more than Rs 2 lakh per day. Thus, the city corporation would be able to light up the city at virtually no cost. The corporation can then spend the Rs. 11 lakh it now spends every day on streetlights, for development work.

Every individual too can help reduce pollution by simply changing the way they light their homes. Lucifer has LED lighting systems for domestic and industrial uses. The company recently launched a range of new products, including clean room lighting to complement the existing streetlights, high bay lights and outdoor lights (meant to replace metal halide).

The company's principles are simple : quality, technology, innovation and service.

Says Mr. Purohit : Our company will always act on the concept of sincerity, efficiency, excellence and innovation. We strive to serve our clients with our best efforts fro prosperous business with pleasure. As development and conservation continue to demand equal importance, the first step to attaining excellence in both would be opting for Lucifer.

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