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Micro-Systems Rapid growth of Micro system market has taken place due to development in micro machining technology. The outcomes are

Miniaturization and spatial integration
• Smaller size and weight
• Low power consumption
• Less interconnections and higher reliability

Functional Integration
• Multifunctional systems
• Redundancy and self-function systems
• Networked environmental operations

Cost savings
• In material cost
• In number of components
• In lesser batch processing

New functional that are achieved through this systems are
• Key hole surgery
• Micro incisions

Applications areas are:

Automotive Engineering
• Small air bags
• Oil quality sensors
• Adaptive front light control

Information and Telecommunication Technology
• Inkjet print heads
• Hard disc drive heads
• Digital mirror array
• Optical microphone fibre aligners

• Micro sensors
• Micro actuators

Biomedical and biochemical engineering
• Drug delivery systems
• Lab-on-chip
• Surgical micro instruments

Micro reaction Engineering

• Reactors
• Mixers
• Heat exchangers
• Pumps
• Valves

Aeronautics and Aerospace
• Inertial measurement units
• Micro air vehicles
• Adaptive wings

MEMS technology has generated a tremendous amount of excitement, due to the vast range of important applications where MEMS can offer previously unattainable performance and reliability standards. IN an age where everything must be smaller, faster, and cheaper, MEMS offers a compelling solution. MEMS have already had a profounnd impact in certain applications such as automotive sensors and inkjet printers. MEMS plays a vital role in the industrial development. Various sensors and actuators have contributed to the rapid automation of industrial systems at lower cost and effort. Today's sensors and actuator technology has attained a fair level of maturity due this technology. The field has also led to the development in the area of Nano Electro-Mechanical systems (NEMS).

This field is born due to rapid development in MEMS and micro systems.
Micromechatronics develops systems based on micro actuators, sensors, network technology, silicon chip technology and computing elements. This has led to finer control of systems which requires lesser human interface.

Micro and Nano Robotics
Nano or Micro robotics are Programmable assembly of nm scale (~1-100nm) {mm-scale (~100nm-100mm)} components either by manipulation with larger devices, or by Directed self-assembly. Design and fabrication of robots with overall dimensions at or below the mm {mm} range and made of nm-scale {mm-scale} components.

Major development in nano robotics are artificial molecular motors, nano tube and nano wire sensors.
Thus we see in near future these technologies will become the key differentiation for many industrial development to cut cost, space and improve reliability.

Thus we are able to see the contribution of micro technology in today's industrial development and automation. These are the future differentiating technology as this will not only save cost, space but also improved the reliability of the system.

Mastering such technologies also will reduce the time to market for the organization due to its nature and process involved. Hence it is evident that microtechnology will be a differentiating technology in many fields of science and engineering.

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