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Unique Cables Go Ahead, Get Connected

Unique Cables Go Ahead, Get Connected

Who wouldn't recognize Christopher Reeves, the man who played Superman in the hugely popular Hollywood trilogy based on the cartoon hero? Superman was all powerful; he could even fly and take on villains with supernatural powers. Reeves too was well built, immensely strong and sharp, a perfect example for the ideal man.

But alas, he had an accident, which damaged his spinal chord, and left him immobile. He was confined to bed, unable to walk or stand, though his body was as muscular as ever and he looked perfectly alright. His muscles were rippling, and his bones were strong, but the damage was done to the key nerve that carried messages from the brain to limbs, to move. It was the key connecting cable that snapped.

Today the world too runsona nervous system consisting of cables and wires. Any damage to the network, and the system will fall apart. Take any industry, from power cables to communication network, it's a maze of wires that keeps it going. So the quality of the cables is as important or more as the capabilities of any engine or machinery in a production setup.

Unique Cables is a company that manufactures some of the best quality wires and cables in India. The Unique brand has inherited the experience of over 40 years from its mentor directors, who are experts in the technology. They wanted to create a brand that the people can trust upon and rely on. So hey called the company unique Cables. It is unique because of the differentiation in quality, product development, accurate application and customer satisfaction.

To make its products live up to its name, the promoters have rendered the services of highly qualified engineers and make use of state of the art technologies in production. Since its inception, the promoters have been among the core assets of Unique, having experience of more than four decades in marketing, administration and production of quality-oriented cables.

Unique Cables is one of the very few companies in India who has got international certifications such as ISO 9001:2000, for Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System & CE (European Certificate).

The product range of Unique Cables includes: (I) IS: 694/90 - PVC Insulated AI/Copper House Wires & Flexible Multicore Cables (II) IS:1554(P-I) - PVC Insulated AI/Copper Power & Control Armed/ Unarmed Cables; (III) IS: 9857 - Rubber Insulated, General & HOFR Welding Cables; (V) IS: 9968 (P-I- Rubber Insulated, ATC Flexible Single Core & Multi Core Cables; and (V) IS: 14494- Rubber Insulated, ATC Flexible ERP/PCP or ERP/CSP Mining Cables. (VI) IS: 7098-XLPE Power & Control Cables.

Wires and cables have widespread applications in a variety of environments in a variety of environments, including corporate data networks, traditional line communication systems, internal wiring systems of electronic and electrical gadgets, power supply and distribution, etc.

In pursuit of great ambitions and strong determination to contribute towards the country's emerging power requirements, Unique Cables has expanded in the field of cable manufacturing.

The company set up as Heat flex Cables Pvt. Ltd. in 2003, as a premier manufacturer and exporter of a unique range of wires and cables. Since its inception, the company has grown from strength to strength and has become one of the reputed names in its field.

At Unique, the focus is on reasonable profit and the management's ability to minimize the overheads has led the company to offer competitively priced quality products. Heat flex also offers services to assist in the selection of the right kind of ables to meet customers specific requirements.

Today, India is fast developing in terms of rural electrification, industrial automation, architectural innovation and new sources of power generation.
So, at Unique, the engineers constantly upgrade and diversify their product ranges as to keep abreast of the contemporary developments and technologies and met the requirements of the valued customers.

Unique Cables manufactures more than 10,000 varieties of wires & Cables comprising all kinds of special and customized cables.

The company is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of the following range of products: Welding Cables, Screened and Unscreened Instrumentation Data Cables, LT Power Cables, Copper Control Cables, Flexible Copper Single Cords, House Wiring and Submersible Cables, Double Wire Armored Mining Cables, Telecommunication Cables, Fiber Glass & Asbestos Insulated Fire Proof Cables, Compensating, Shot Firing Cables & PVC Drop Wires, Short Firing Cables, EPR/PCP Trailing Cables and Coaxial Cables.

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