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Balbir Singh & Co. is a Delhi based company engaged in trading and supplying of Ferrite Core which are used in the making of Rod Antenna`s DVD Players, Mobile Chargers, CFL lights, LED Products and Laptop Chargers etc. Company`s products are of PC 40 and PC 30 grade material with Rods compliant. The products range of the company include Drum Core Ferrites, EE Core Ferrites, EI Core Ferrites, ETD Core Ferrites, PQ Core Ferrites, EFD Core Ferrites, Rod Core Ferries, Toroidal Core Ferrites and EDR Core Ferrites etc.

The company has a long standing in the electronic components as it was established in the year 1984 by Mr. B.S. Gambhir. It was further strengthened and developed by Mr. H.S. Gambhir.

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Company Name:

Balbir Singh & Co.

Contact Person :

Mr. B.S Gambhir / Mr. H.S Gambhir

Address :

84/4 WHS Kirti Nagar, Industrial Area, NEW DELHI - 110015

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Mobile :

+91-9810383898 / 9810972939