• Cylinder Head Gaskets
    • We manufacture Cylinder Head Gaskets of premium quality. These gaskets manufactured by using different materials such as Multiple Layers of Stainless Steel, Graphite, Fiber composite and Copper H/G.

      Multiple Layers of Stainless Steel with elastomeric coating provides micro sealing for the engine block and block and an extra layer of coating.

      Graphite head gasket mechanically clinched by an expanded graphite sheet to both side with the perforated steel embedded between the layers.
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    • Engine Over Haul Gasket Set
    • Engine Overhaul Gasket Set consists of components variable part of engines of overhauling of engine. Each component has particular specifications required for sealing.

      We have been catering to the needs of aftermarket. The individual gaskets designed to address the sealing problems unique to the aftermarket repair environment. Our Gasket set encompasses Top Quality Head Gasket, Valve Cover Gasket, Sump Chamber Gasket, O-rings and seals that all meets original equipment specification.
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    • Valve Cover Gaskets
    • We use good quality raw materials such as synthetic rubber, cork rubber or molded rubber. Cork rubber is widely used on older engines and moulded rubber is most suitable for modern engines. The latest innovation in valve cover gasket also features a steel frame.

      We have been catering to the needs of different industries. We have developed a large clientele for providing most reliable gaskets appreciated for longer life and smooth functioning.
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    • Insert Gaskets
    • We are amongst the prominent manufacturer and supplier of Insert Gaskets. Owing to use of good quality raw material and use of latest technology, we offer impeccable gaskets at most reasonable prices. Our products much appreciated for high durability, excellent quality and sturdy structure, etc. Our gaskets find wide applications across industries with great use in automotive sector. We have earned very good reputation in the market for offering most reliable and durable products at very competitive prices.
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    • Nylon Transfer Gaskets
    • We are well-established name in the arena of manufacturing and exporting Nylon Gasket. We use good quality raw material and latest technology to manufacture gasket of excellent quality. Our range of gaskets are highly appreciated for unmatched features such as compact and sturdy design, high durability, fine finish. Our Nylon Gasket offered by us is extensively used in water, oil, gas and sewerage lines.
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    • Oil Seals
    • We have rich and vast experience in manufacturing and supplying Rubber Oil Seals. We produce products conforming to high national and international quality standards. We use good quality raw material to produce premium quality products. Our products are in big demand for longer working life, robust construction, smooth functioning and competitive price. Our oil seals find applications in vacuum seals, hydraulic seals, engine motor shaft and transmission seals.
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    • Volve Stems Seals
    • We are a prominent manufacturer and exporter of Valve Stem Seals. We produce these products conforming to high standard set industrial quality norms. We use finest quality raw material and latest technology to produce premium quality products. Our seals find wide applications across the industries for automotive and diesel engines.

      Oil seal plays an important role in the passage of fluids along a rotating shaft. We use good quality materials such as Leather, synthetic rubber, and silicones for making sealing ring.
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    • Edge Moulding Gaskets
    • We are famous for manufacturing premium quality Edge Moulded Gasket. Company has earned very good reputation in the market by offering most reliable and durable gaskets. We offer an extensive range of qualitative Edge Moulded Gasket. Our products much admired for unique features such as long life, excellent quality and competitive price.
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    • Exhaust Rubber Mounting
    • Our Exhaust Rubber Mounting is manufactured using excellent quality products. It is used as a muffler hanger or muffler mount between a car body and a muffler to hang the latter from the former. It is advantageous in that coefficient of transfer of vibrations of both high and low frequencies.
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    • Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
    • We offer Exhaust Manifold Gaskets of excellent quality. We use good quality raw material to ensure the durability and efficiency. We use good quality Asbestos, non-asbestos with or without Heat Shield in ASA material , SAS material and MLS (Steel Laminated). Our gaskets are preferred for unique features life superior quality and very competitive prices.
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