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“DNA Power Transmission” is a Delhi based firm specialising in Power Transmission Machinery. We are known for being reliable dealers of several world famous names in transmission machinery. These include Gates Unitta Asia, Contitech Germany, Lovejoy India, Hutchison France, Megadyne, Tycoon and Synchrotech T Belts. Our offerings include the entire spectrum of products required for diverse industries such as V-Belts, Cogged Belts, Banded Belts in Range, Variable Speed Belts, Rubber Timing Belts, Poly Rib Belts, PU Timing belts, Open End Timing Belts, Special Coated Belts, Conveyor Belts, Couplings, V Pulleys, Timing Pulleys, Hoses, Chains/Sprockets, Universal Joints, Locking Assemblies and AVM Belts. We are known for our carrying out excellent quality checks on the products before selling.

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DNA Power Transmission

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5224/1&2, Nigam Market, Near ICICI Bank, Shardhanand Marg, Delhi - 110006

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+91-9891065234 / 9891168670