• Exhibition Design & Fabrication
      We create designs based on concepts which emerge out of interaction. A good design is something that brings out the essence of a brand and its core values. At Trident, we focus on creating a concept or a theme based on our understanding of the company image.
      The success of any exhibition is based on:
      1. A good design
      2. Excellent Production
      3. Timely Setup
      4. Effective maintenance and service

      Good Design
      Design based on a well conceived concept which emerges out of a brainstorming session with the client and our team. We create designs which bring out the core values of the company and the essence of the brand. A design so well laid out that it becomes a treat to watch.

      Excellent Production
      We have a technically qualified production team with hands on experience of many years. The result is we get smooth production in factory and on site. Our specialized team has executed many projects internationally and has worked in collaboration with our international partners. This has given them immense learning on the international standards of working. So with Trident you can expect a booth of international stand right here in India.

      Timely Set-up/Project Management Service
      We understand the criticality of time and have learnt how important it is to set up your booth in time. We follow our Project Management system and create a single point contact for our clients to be in touch with. We handover the stall execution to a project head who is technically qualified and senior enough to take calls on suggestions for improvement.

      Service during the Exhibition:
      Our job does not end after the stall is set up. We ensure a smooth experience for you even during the exhibition. We have an onsite maintenance team which takes care of daily cleaning and ensuring your booth functions smoothly. We undertake running your pantry service, organizing hostess etc.
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    • Retail Showrooms
    • We undertake designing & turnkey execution of multicity retail showrooms. From the civil work like tiling, ceiling etc. to production of furniture, installation and exterior and in-store branding, we do it all.
      While a team does the civil work at site, there is a separate team which takes care of the furniture at the factory to be installed immediately on completion of civil work. It saves precious time and enables our customers to inaugurate their stores faster and start with their business.
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    • Retail & Merchandising Displays
    • We undertake production of display stands for products. We not only fabricate them but also transport and install them in stores across the country. We have the specialization to create these displays in modular forms to save transport costs. We give information manuals with smart tips for easy installation of these stands on site. These stands can be made in small numbers or large quantities.
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